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document vendors and manufacturers of surveillance equipment

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document vendors and manufacturers of surveillance equipment

Messagepar Vincent Andrès » ven. 28 déc. 2012, 10:40


The Telecomix Blue Cabinet is a working wiki project to document vendors and manufacturers of surveillance equipment that are used in dictatorships and democracies around the internets. The project came into being after Telecomix became aware of, and published, that Blue Coat Systems surveillance technology (IP filtering) was being used by the Syrian government under the dictatorship of Assad. These "Blue Coat logs" can be viewed at Project Bluesmote. For more info, see the Blue Cabinet Wiki page for Blue Coat Systems.

Blue Cabinet Wiki is PUBLIC. This means that YOU may add truthful data with sources i.e. urls to where you found it online.

The purpose of the Blue cabinet Wiki Project is to create an overview and to share resources between Telecomix and other projects out there that have the same goal as us; to name, shame and expose those who profit on selling the surveillance equipment that enables the invasion of privacy, targeted intimidation, harassment and assist government dictatorships to identify and locate people they consider dissidents, often leading to detainment, torture and even death.

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