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On the 2013-09-22: german elections - YOU can participate

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Inscription : sam. 21 sept. 2013, 07:42

On the 2013-09-22: german elections - YOU can participate

Messagepar Slash » sam. 21 sept. 2013, 07:51

On the 22th of september 2013 there are elections for the german parliament - YOU can participate in voting

--== “Electoral Rebellion” ==--

Germans give their vote to people from other countries – join the Electoral

In our globalised world, politics don’t stop at the border. But democracy does.
When does our political system adapt to the facts of politics? To challenge this, a group of
activists called Egality started an electoral rebellion for the upcoming German elections to
protest against the lack of democracy in international and global politics and call for more real
democracy – because German politics decide on peoples lives all around the world without
giving them a voice. Because global politics must be democratised.

In “Electoral Rebellion”, Germans give their vote to people from other countries
as an act of solidarity and to call for more real democracy. You can become part of this
movement for global democracy by giving your vote, if you are German, or by getting a vote,
if you are from any other country.

Join the rebellion on facebook now:
Post your statement on the wall, get a real vote from someone from Germany and participate
in the German elections!

The aims of the campaign The campaign is designed to raise awareness
about the fact that German policies affect people in other countries – people who have no say in the
formulation of these policies. Beyond that, the major goal of „Electoral Rebellion“ is to
promote the idea of Global Democracy. Egality is a small group of German and international activists
who want to spark a debate about democracy beyond the nation state, and on how to improve
the world´s current political order. Find out more about about Egality and global democracy

Geographical area(s) the proposal focuses on

Topics the proposal focuses on

Global democracy

Theme : Citizen Proposals


--== Briefing ==--

It's not a bad idea, to argue with global topics, and so for us to argue with
the surveillance scandal revealed by Edward Snowden. Basically basic rights activist
all around the world are counting on Germany, where the revelations raised a riot the most
on a global scale, to consequently put up strong resistance against the surveillance scandal
on an international level. But unfortunally that doesn't happen currently, because our
current government is a government of surveillance advocates and complice.
So, for further behavior of Germany regarding the surveillance scandal the
turn-out of this election will be crucial.

Jacob Appelbaum put this aspect so much better in words, than I ever could;
because of that just have a look at this video:

Well, and aside of that, well, we're pirates; pirate program, you know; at it's
core we all are having the same.

Lots of greetings and rock the Bundestag (german parliament) with us together,
/ aka Oliver

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